arc Adventure was founded in 2001 by Gary Lipsky and Brad Lupien, avid athletes and outdoorsmen who saw the need to bring quality outdoor experiences to students throughout Southern California. Over the years, we now have a dedicated staff who serve hundreds of students every year, bringing them to outdoor locales right in LA’s backyard as well as far away destinations like Costa Rica.

About the Founders

Gary Lipsky comes from a background in business and management. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Boston University. After starting two restaurant delivery services, he then went on to produce several independent films. Wanting to do something more meaningful, Gary started arc Adventure, which combined his love for athletics and working with youth which he had done as a teenager at a local Y and camp in New Jersey. His goal was to create a team that was passionate, creative and trustworthy in order to meet a wide range of clients’ needs. Gary graduated from the Southern California Leadership Network program, is a member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Workforce Development Committee, co-founded and is on the board of CORE Educational Services, and most recently joined the advisory board of a new charter school opening in Los Angeles. Gary lives in the South Bay with his two daughters and wife.

Brad Lupien earned his BA in Social Work from the University of Vermont and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Simmons College. Brad began his career as a teacher and social worker in the juvenile justice system and as a special education teacher in Boston, MA. He taught middle and high school young people identified as having “behavioral and emotional disabilities.” To address his student’s multiple risks, Brad began an after school Outdoor Education Club for his gang-involved students; he modeled the method after his experience serving as a summer guide for teens, leading month-long adventures in the Rocky Mountains. At arc Adventure, Brad is responsible for business development and new programs. He is also co-Founder and Chairman of the Board for CORE Educational Services. He serves as a board member of Interfaith Family, a member of the Learning In After School & Summer (LIAS) Executive Advisory, a member of the Region 11 Workforce Advisory Group, founding member of the youth Take Action Campaign, a Vistage (CE 3494) member, alumni representative of Leadership North County class of 2012, Action Team member for the new San Diego Education Synergy Project and also a playmate to his son, Jonah and daughter, Sydney, and a dedicated partner to his wife, Jessica.