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Explore California's secluded natural areas and find connectivity to nature through eco-awareness, flora and fauna mini-classes, and Leave No Trace on-the-trail workshops that will inspire a lifelong love of the outdoors and foster a respect for the wild around us.

  • Sample Locations

    Malibu, Santa Monica Mtns, Los Padres, Griffith Park, Orange County, San Diego

  • Trip Length

    1/2 Day, Full Day

  • Average Cost

    $75-$125 per person

  • Group Size

    Minimum of 8



Trip Overview

Our guided hiking trips for kids and adults allows all to gain an appreciation of nature, push boundaries they didn't know they had, engage in community-building practices for themselves and their team, and learn about local history – all in a safe and fun environment.

Go on a structured 2.5-4 mile trail hike that is physically challenging and emotionally rewarding. We also allow time for individual exploration and freedom in a supervised area. Along the way, learn fascinating little known facts about the history of California!

All hiking experience levels are welcome, as participants are encouraged to hike at their own pace while maintaining group connectivity.

What's Included
Sample Itinerary


Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

As advocates for the planet's health, we must understand and balance the human element with the natural world through eco-friendly decision making. Practicing Leave No Trace principles is a pillar in all of our programs. Whether visiting for 2 hours or 2 weeks, we take only pictures, and leave only footprints.


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