Corporate Team Building Retreats & School Retreats

A team works together best when energized and bonded. Uplift collaboration through our corporate team building retreats and school retreats. Your group will gain a greater appreciation of nature, to feel a connectedness to the natural world with the five senses, away from urban sights, smells, and sensations. Being in the outdoors will allow participants to focus on betterment of self and their community.

Retreat Ideas

College Orientation Trip

Create an itinerary for your incoming freshmen around community building, individual empowerment, and pushing boundaries. This all starts from the time the students get on the bus; they learn to set a tent, cook, and work together to strengthen and develop as a community. Venture into the great outdoors for a trip that can include kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, hiking, stargazing, and more. Learn basic camping skills such as pitching a tent, cooking in the outdoors, and other survival skills to encourage independence and community development. Bond over the campfire while getting excited about what the future holds.

Corporate Team Building Retreat

Activate true leadership skills with a corporate team building retreat. Develop upcoming leaders in your company with challenges that will develop each individual’s sense of self-efficacy. Boost their confidence in their own capacities to accomplish goals. For executive leadership, customize an intensive team building retreat. Identify leadership defaults, push boundaries, break bad habits, and realize your potential to be a true leader.

Sports Team Bonding Retreat

Challenge your athletes to an adventure in the great outdoors. Create a bonding opportunity for a new group of teammates as they discover shared experiences and areas of interest and face challenges together. You can also enhance already existing friendships with an established group of teammates. They will take on more advanced challenges with the purpose of making them more well-rounded leaders.