We offer a variety of outdoor team building adventures in Santa Monica, including surfing, biking, beach team building, and more!


Santa Monica is one of the most renowned beach cities in the world. It offers a variety of opportunities that allow you to bike on the beach, catch some waves, or play in the sand - all with fantastic views of the iconic pier and cityscape to feast your eyes on.

Santa Monica is home to one of the most renowned beaches in the world. With familiar favorites and hidden gems alike — including Santa Monica State Beach, Palisades Park, and Ocean View Park, among others — Los Angeles has some of the best areas for team building adventures, and they're right in our own backyard. Get acquainted with the LA area's numerous hiking trails, biking pathscampsites, waterfronts, and more. The huge variety of options allows groups of all skill levels to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're seeking a quick outing or a multi-day retreat, arc Adventure recommends and offers experiences in:

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